Character design & Illustration

Commercial projects: OPEN
Patreon: CLOSED | Private commissions: CLOSED

Commissions open for Patrons on the 28th November, for public on the 29th.
If closed, sign up on my waiting list below.

Where to find my art:

Ways of contact:

e-mail: BlueHunterART(at)
Artwork and content © BlueHunterART 2023


If you're looking for something you cannot find in my offer below, contact me.Prices are an estimate and change with the complexity of the character and background. Tax (+7% VAT) is included into the shown prices already for the convenience to see the total price instantly, but will be itemized within the invoice.

By ordering a commission, you agree to my Terms of Service.

Quick delivery fees may apply. Discussing commercial licenses is possible .

Unshaded: 75€
Shaded: 80€
Glowing: 110€

File only:
Unshaded: - 85€
Shaded: - 90€

Printed & Laminated:
Unshaded: - 95€
Shaded: - 100€

+ shipping for laminated badges.

Headshot sketch:

Starting at 270€

Feral Fullbody:
Starting at 320€

Fullbody (complex):
Starting at 950€

Starting at 130€

Starting at 140€

Simple character artwork with a solid colored or textured background.

Simple Portrait:
Starting at 215€

Simple Scenes:
Starting at 270€

Complex Scenes:
Starting at 380€

Small illustrations feature headshot or bust portraits on a blurry background,
whereas scenic illustrations show (mostly) fullbody characters and feature a detailed background.

Starting at 130€

Starting at 160€

Dynamic or static references of your already existing character.

Starting at 170€

Anthro (simple):
Starting at 270€

Anthro (complex):
Starting at 340€

Clothing design
For your character.

Reference sheet upgrade:
+ 30€

For character designs made from scratch.

Sketchy Paintings:
Starting at 300€

Complex portraits:
Portraits start at 350€
Bust starts at 400€


Artwork and content © BlueHunterART 2023


Icons are 500x500 px. in size and come in a square shape.
Comparison between the unshaded and shaded version:

Simple Icons

75€ for one icon
+70€ for each additional connected icon

Shaded Icons

80€ for one icon (500 x 500 px.)
+75€ for each additional connected icon

Example of a double icon, presented without the circular-cut:

Glowing Icons


85€ for one icon
+80€ for each additional connected icon


110€ for one icon
+100€ for each additional connected icon

Usually used in a festive context.


Artwork and content © BlueHunterART 2023

BADGES & Sketches


File only:
Unshaded: 85€
Shaded: 90€
You'll receive the file to print the badge on your own.

Printed & Laminated
Unshaded: 95€
Shaded: 100€
Germany: 4€
EU: 7€
UK, USA, Canada: 15€

Badges ordered for print always come with a digital file, too.
Feral or anthro versions possible

Badges are printed on high quality matte paper. The prints are rich in color and clear and will be sent already laminated.

Headshot Sketch

Sketchy, unshaded character headshots with a flat or textured background. Feral or anthro possible.Fixed price of 75€.


Artwork and content © BlueHunterART 2023


Simple character artwork with a solid colored, a color gradient or a textured background.

130€ (unshaded), +100€ each additional character
140€ (shaded), +120€ each additional character

(Digitigrade | Plantigrade | Semi-anthro)
Simple characters:
140€ (unshaded), +120€ each additional character
160€ (shaded), +140€ each additional character
Complex | Armored characters:
180€ (unshaded), +160€ each additional character
200€ (shaded), +180€ each additional character
+ 40€ for artistic freedom dress-up
(I will draw an outfit for the character myself. The client only can request minor changes here once.)

If you want me to draw an anthropomorphic character, please choose a stylization:


Artwork and content © BlueHunterART 2023


Simple Portraits

Starting at 215€ (headshot) & Starting at 245€ (bust)A headshot or bust artwork, with a rather blurred background and atmospheric shading. Price depends heavily on detail. Every additional character bust is +70€ (feral) +90€ (anthro)Can be drawn as a "screenshot".

Simple Scenes

Scene illustrations are usually depicting fullbody poses, but I often crop body parts (such as legs for standing anthros e.g.) for a better composition.The following prices are starting prices, an additional level of detail increases those.

Blurred backgrounds with minimal to no visible architecture only.Feral illustrations start at 270€, every additional character is +120€
Anthro illustrations start at 290€, every additional character is +140€ / complex character is 180€
• Every additional character bust is +70€ (feral), +90€ (anthro)

Complex scenes

The most complex illustration type. Can be in or outdoor scenes that feature many architectonic or other complex elements.

Feral illustrations start at 380€, every additional character is +120€
Anthro illustrations start at 430€, every additional character is +140€ / complex character is 180€
Additionals:• Every additional character bust is +70€ (feral), +90€ (anthro)


Artwork and content © BlueHunterART 2023

Stained Glass

Only stained glass type digital art. Not real glass.Badges: I offer making digital stained glass work into a laminated badge for +7€. + shipping within Germany: 4€, Worldwide: 15€.Tapestries: I offer the option to get a large stained glass artwork printed on a high quality textile cloth that can be used indoors and outdoors. The price needs to be calculated individually and depends on the size, too.


Starting at 270€
Highly depends on the detail. The last example is priced around 380€.

Feral Fullbody (Simple)

Starting at 320€,
depends highly on complexity of character, ornaments and details! Round window format. Feral characters only.

Fullbody (complex)

Starting at 950€,
highly depends on complexity of character, ornaments and details.
Every additional character on the same artwork is +270€. Otherwise it is double the base price.


Artwork and content © BlueHunterART 2023


Sketchy Paintings

Feral fullbody starts at 300€ | Anthro fullbody starts at 350€Loose, sketchy painting style with visible outline. Price for anthros depends on details. Armor is +90€. No backgrounds. Every additional feral character is +200€ (feral) +250€ (anthro)

Portrait Paintings

Starting at 350€.
Busts start at 400€.
The more complex and realistic the portrait is wished to be, the higher the surcharge. The offered portraits vary in stylizes, so make sure to pick your favourite!Simple natural backgrounds as an upgrade add to the price, too.


Artwork and content © BlueHunterART 2022


A good mutual communication is essential! I ask a lot of questions during the process, but please provide all the necessary information (in regards of numbers of drawn poses or items) BEFORE I invoice you.
I don't shade my references!

140€ for a basic reference sheet of one unshaded feral fullbody + simplified eye detail and character information.

(Digitigrade | Plantigrade | Semi-anthro)
160€ for a basic reference sheet of one unshaded anthro fullbody + simplyfied eye detail and character information.

Character additionals:
+ 65€ for every additional headshot
+ 55€ for every headshot sketch (sketchy lines only)
+ 100€ for every additional feral fullbody
+ 120€ for every additional anthro fullbody
+ 160€ for every additional anthro in armor fullbody
Marking re-color additionals:
As in "winter pelts" etc. Poses drawn for you will simply be recolored where wished (e. g. fox in winter and summer coat). The lineart only will be slightly adjusted for a fluffier pelt, however pose and expression won't be altered.
+ 20€ for every feral fullbody recoloration
+ 25€ for every anthro fullbody recoloration
Item / close-up additionals:
+ 5€ for every small unshaded additional such as paw details, detailed eyes, bandanas, etc.
**+ 10€ - 35€ ** for unshaded details such a swords, archery gear etc.

Clothing additionals on existing pose:
+ 60€ for every clothing on an existing nude pose
+ 70€ for every complex armor on an existing nude pose
+100€ for a new clothing design I shall come up with (character design)
+215€ for every new armor design shall come up with (character design)
(ONLY needs to be paid, if: you want to re-use your already drawn nude pose a couple of times for alternative clothing versions. You only pay for the "addtional clothing fee" instead of the full price for a new clothed antho pose. Expression and pose won't be altered (much) here.)

The nude pose below was 160€ (base price), the clothed pose 60€ instead of 120€ for a completely new pose.

If you want me to draw an anthropomorphic character, please choose a stylization:

Standard references

Static references

Price as above. Static poses, usually three fullbodies or two fullbodies and a headshot.Good to show markings instead of personality and better to use for fursuit work.


Artwork and content © BlueHunterART 2023


I offer creating characters from scratch.Please provide a detailed description of your desired design idea and provide visual inspiration images (e.g. for armor preferences) when asked. In case you like an artistic freedom character design made by me, feel free to tell me up to 10 words and I create a character accordingly to my vision. You have to trust me and get less WIPs for this design option.The created character will then belong to you and you can change parts of their design if the character develops etc., see licensing down below.I only offer this type of commission unshaded.


170€ for first fullbody pose, every additional pose is +130€
Every additional headshot is +75€

If you want to give me artistic freedom, this fox would be described as the following:
cross fox, sleek, sandy, dark markings, thin & long features

Fantasy creatures

Dragons, gryphons, etc. - and fantasy creatures with wings.
320€ for first fullbody pose, every additional pose is +210€
Headshots are +90€ each

Anthro (Simple)

If you want me to draw an anthropomorphic character, please choose a stylization:

If nude or in non-complex clothing I request a design fee of 270€ for a fullbody pose, every additional new pose is +180€*
Headshots are +75€ each

Anthro (Complex)

Complex character designs, very detailed clothing or heavily armored
I request a design fee of 340€ for the first fullbody pose, every additional pose is +215€*.
Headshots are +75€ each

(Those artworks above only serve as an example of detail. I did not design the armor for the 3rd or the dress for the 4th character. Only the 4th character herself was designed by me.)

The nude pose below was the base price, the clothed pose 70€ instead of 180€ for a completely new pose.

Clothing design

If you however do have a character design already and only want me to create clothing or armor for you, this type of commission is what you're looking for. The following prices include drawing your character with their newely designed clothing.Simple clothing:
240€ for the first pose.
• Every additional new pose for the same clothing is +170€
Complex clothing or armor:
310€ for the first pose.
• Every additional new pose for the same clothing / armor is +200€
Items additionals:
+10€ for smaller items such as bandanas, glasses, simple swords etc.
**+20€ - 45€ ** for unshaded items such a detailed swords, archery gear etc.

Reference sheet upgrade

If you want your new character design as a reference sheet, add +30€ for the layout. Reference sheets include a simpliyfied eye detail, a color palette and all text information you provided me. See the examples below.Item additionals are possible but come with a surcharge.

(For the examples above, an additional pose to the initial design on the left was commissioned and the reference sheet upgrade paid.)

Clothing additionals for references:
+ 100€ for every new clothing variant on an existing nude pose. Armor is exempted from this discount option. Every armor drawn on a character design I created is +215€ per pose. I will not alter the pose or expression here.
In case you rather want a unique pose to present the different set of clothing it's the standart price listed above for the "additional pose".


Artwork and content © BlueHunterART 2023

Will & Won't
Draw List

Will draw:

  • Any animal or fantasy creature (such as dragons, Dutch angel dragons and griffins)

  • Character designs

  • World building artwork and concepts

  • Long-time projects of various kinds on contract work.

  • Crest, heraldic banner and small heraldic logo works

  • LGBTI+ characters and themes

  • Animal characters in combination with Catholic iconography, paganism, occultism, morbid and macabre themes

  • Artwork with taxidermy / "vulture culture" elements

  • Mild artistic gore or slightly more realistic gore where suitable. I won't draw heavy gore.

  • Tasteful nude

  • Anthro and feral characters on the same picture, only if strictly SFW

  • You can commission me to me to draw my OCs on their own in scenes which fit to their story and personality; the price will be the same as for regular commissions

Won't draw:

  • NSFW art, except for reference sheet add-ons - I only draw NSFW art in anthro YCHs I offer on rare occasion.

  • Feral NSFW

  • Human, robots and mecha characters

  • Discriminatory & racist artworks

  • Hateful arts (of religious kind, against marginalized groups etc.)

  • Existing uniforms ( such as historical and law enforcement ones for example). Fantasy uniforms could work with me depending on the case.

  • Culture appropriation (e.g. "Native American inspired", or stereotypes. This does include the WoW Taurus species.) I prefer to only accept commissions portraying a certain culture if it's the commissioner's personal background

  • Fetish art (such as vore and anatomy falling into the hyper spectrum)

  • [...]

If you have any questions, ask me please.
I refuse to accept commissions or work with people I'm not comfortable with.


Artwork and content © BlueHunterART 2022

Terms of Service

If you order a commission from me you accept the following terms of service:

Before commissioning:

  • I do not accept commissions from anyone under the age of 18.

  • Prices seen on the website are to be used as a rough guideline. The final price of a commission will be determined with the invoice.

  • By hiring me and paying my invoice, the client agrees to the following terms of service. Breaching these will result in being blacklisted from further business. If the artwork was not completed by the time of cancellation, I reserve the right to cancel the commission and refund with expense allowance defined below.

  • The artist reserves the right to refuse a commission without further explanation.

  • Work will only begin once the commission is paid in full or the desposite of a discussed payment plan is made.

  • As a necessary part of the freelance artist legally bound redention period in Germany, the client's data (Full name and address) concerning the transaction needs to be securely stored for 10 years. More here. Your data will remain secure and only will be used to met the invoicing requirements by German law and to figure out VAT taxation.

References & Copyright:

  • The client must provide a clear visual reference or unshaded character artwork.

  • Text references are only accepted in case of a character design commission.

  • All characters involved must be provided with permission from their respective owner. If the client uses a character they do not have permission for (e.g. commissioning art for a person who does not wish them to), will be blacklist from further business.

Opening & Slots:

  • Commissions are usually opened in 1 month intervals.

  • I priorize as follows: Patreon, waiting list, public interest.

  • Patreon: Patrons have the first take when commissions are opened. If they theoretically take all slots I'm offering that round on Patreon, no further slots will be offered until the next opening.

  • For waiting list & public: If slots remain after being opened on Patreon, I will sent an inquiry to those that signed up on my non-binding waiting list to discuss their inquiry for a price estimate. After contacting those people interested, I will publically open an all used social media channels, galleries or my art channel on Telegram.

  • If the then discussed price is accepted by the client, an invoice will be sent. A slot only is claimed once the invoice is paid in at least a deposit.


  • Individually calculated quotes are valid up to 3 months.

Payment & Payment plans:

  • Payment is accepted via Paypal invoice - which I will send - or via SEPA banking transaction for European clients.

  • Payment plans are possible, but are usually taken for artwork over 150€. I'm accepting a payment plan up to 4 parts.

Turnaround time:

  • Keep my queue in mind. I will update my queue once progress has been made.

  • Work will not be done strictly in order of my queue listing, as I switch between work for a better flow, but I keep attention to deadlines and who paid first

  • After complete payment my usually turn around time for larger work is 2 – 3 1/2 months, depending on complexity. Rare exceptions can happen, but will not take longer than 6 months from complete payment till completition. Smaller works as icons for example are made way quicker than the "usual turn around time".

  • Clients are kept informed if a larger delay happens.

  • The client can ask for WIPs and updates at any time, but it should not be made a daily habit.

  • As I usually open for new commissions every month, it is normal that I have a backlog that I’m working on before I actually can start new work.

Updates & Approvals:

  • Generally: After complete payment, a loose concept sketch will be made to illustrate the general idea. At this stage the customer is able to ask for a new sketch if the idea was not pictured as wished. Upon receiving the improved sketch, the client can request another round of small changes. Ensure that all changes are noted in one request and are spelled out clearly.

  • I'm fine if you redline my sketches to illustrate your ideas and wishes better.

  • Once the sketch is approved in the manner above, outlines and flatcolors will be worked on and presented. At this stage the client can request a small adjustion of the outlines if minor details are faulty. Changes that differ from the commissioner's original request (e. g. a different pose) will not be accepted, unless a fee is paid. If the flatcolored commission is approved I will not change the outlines unless a fee is paid, and I proceed to finish it. More elaborate works (such as references and illustrations) will include more rounds of shown updates.

  • Scrapped sketches will be sold or auctioned later.

  • Depending on the commission, it sometimes is possible to request additional characters or elements, which will be billed in an additional invoice which will be sent before completing the artwork.


  • The client allow a turn around time for up to 6 months before requesting a refund.

  • If the commission was not started in said turnaround time, the initial payment plus a 5% fee will be refunded. If work has started, only a partial refund - plus the 5% fee - will be given out.

  • No refunds for completed commission will be given.

  • The cancelled artwork will be sold or auctioned, the drawn character - I hold no copryright to - will be replaced.

  • If the client shows poor communication, hostility or the like, I reserve my right to cancel the commission under the refund rules stated above.


  • Deadlines have to get announced when the commission is in discussion.

  • If the deadline can be met, needs to be discussed prior: It can be unlikely to finish a complex illustration with three characters within one week only. A smaller illustration with one character however, badge or a simple character pose however can work out.

  • For a quick delivery deadline I request +20% to the discussed price if the artwork needs to be delivered within 14 days after the payment has been paid in full.

After Completition:

  • The client receives the artwork in full resolution (300dpi) for personal use, only a provided smaller version shall be uploaded to the internet. Source files will not be handed out. Art will be sent out as either .png, .jpg or .gif files.

  • After the artwork is completed and approved no further edits (in case of new markings etc.) will be made.

  • If I however made a mistake (as in forgotten markings that were visible on the given reference), the artwork will be edited free of charge.

  • In case of character references, I'm fine with adding new content (e. g. new poses, headshots and the like) when possible, and in case the drawn reference was not finished previously longer than a year ago. Any addition will be billed according to my latest pricing.

Display of work & Ownership:

  • I keep full rights to the artwork if no license contract was made.

  • I retain the right to display any commissioned work in my online galleries, on social media, as portfolio material, or - in printed form - as promotional art display at conventions, if not discussed otherwise - the client retains the right to request the artwork to stay private when discussing the commission

  • However, if no such wish had been expressed and the commission is uploaded, it will not be taken down anymore and can be used to my display as expressed above

  • The client can post the artwork in their own gallery, either by mention my artist's name, by posting a link to the art uploaded by myself, or to one of my galleries. It is not allowed to edit out my watermark.

  • The client can use their artwork for icons, badges, a print on clothing and the like, as long if it's only strictly for personal use. No profit shall made of my art in any way. I'd appreciate you to contact me before getting anything produced, if no prior license was purchased.

  • Under no circumstances it is allowed to use a commission for anything involving crypto currencies, AI feeding, NFT business or blockchain-related technology.

Character designs

  • If you - as an individual person, not on behalf of a company - commission a character design from scratch by me, I create a character whose usage rights I'll transfer to you. You'll be able to use the character to your liking: In commissions, published books (e.g. commissioned another artist to illustrate a cover / use them for your stories), as fursuit design.

  • If you on behalf of a company want to aquire a character / mascot design for further use, you have to aquire a special commercial fee

  • If you sell the design and transfer the character's rights to somebody else, I highly appreciate it to be around the same price as initially purchased from me, if no more arts get sold with it.

Commercial Licenses:

  • If you intend to use your commission for profit (e.g. for a book), a commercial license can be discussed discussed. Depending on the usage, the license will be priced. Licenses can be discussed even if the work had been finished years ago. Ask me about it.

  • Commercial licenses for my personal arts can be discussed, too if the intended project / use sounds appropriate to me.

Last updated: 25th May 2023: